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Play Skate for Fun
Skate for Fun
We have had a lot of games here about competitive skating, skate races and such but...
Play Hungry Mice Skateboarding
Hungry Mice Skateboarding
Help 2 mice on roller blades, move eggs from the fridge to their plate in this...
Play Uphill Rush 5
Uphill Rush 5
Uphill Rush 5 is not your typical skateboarding game. It happens on a water...
Play Lego Skater
Lego Skater
Brickster escaped from Lego jail and our hero, Pepper is out on his skateboards to...
Play Sonic Skate Glider
Sonic Skate Glider
Pull off dazzling stunts as Sonic gets back to his skateboards for this Sonic Skate...
Play Skate or Die 2
Skate or Die 2
Skateboarding in your town is banned by the mayor after you accidentally killed his...
Play Skate or Die
Skate or Die
This is the adaptation of the original NES game, Skate or Die, the popular...
Play Christmas Skate Kissing
Christmas Skate Kissing
Romance is in the winter air. Smooch and skate and grab hearts and lips while...
Play Mini Skate Game
Mini Skate Game
A mini skate game featuring a stick skater who can perform lots of skateboarding...
Play Sam Skate
Sam Skate
Help Sam skate through a very challenging terrain.
Play Stickman Nature Skate
Stickman Nature Skate
Glide through natural scene with the stickman on skates and let him show you how the...
Play Skate Game
Skate Game
Well, just as the title suggest, this is a simple skate game animated with stick...
Play Final JP Skate
Final JP Skate
Final JP Skate may come with a smaller than usual game interface but what it lacks...
Play Skate and Slam
Skate and Slam
A simplistic skate boarding game that lets you decide whether you character skates...
Play Final Skate
Final Skate
Join this guy as he skates for the last time in his life.
Play Skate er Guy
Skate er Guy
A bit more complicated than the typical skateboarding games, Skate er Guy will let...
Play iStunt 2
iStunt 2
Frolic in the snow and perform lotsa stunts while you slide along the white...
Play Sk8 Park
Sk8 Park
Skate through the park collecting cash tickets by performing tricks and collecting 4...
Play Xtreme Skate
Xtreme Skate
Get your X-treme Skater status by mastering 3 levels of Xtreme Skate action. Avoid...
Play Scooby Doo Big Air
Scooby Doo Big Air
Test how high Scooby Doo could go in this version of the Big Air.
Play Puffs Skate Jam
Puffs Skate Jam
Help Puff dodge sidewalk obstacles and get treats as he speeds through a skateboard...
Play Sewer Skater
Sewer Skater
Use your skateboarding skills in the sewer and earn points as you perform you...
Play Thrash N Burn Skateboarding
Thrash N Burn Skateboarding
Do flips and turns like the pro that you are to access new levels of the game....
Play Jump N Grind Remix
Jump N Grind Remix
Enjoy three skateboarding remixes and enjoy the slope with four wacky characters...
Play Gus vs Bus 2
Gus vs Bus 2
Save Gus from hitting on obstacles and doing a faceplant as continues his battle to...
Play Skate Challenge
Skate Challenge
Dodge obstacles and collect power ups as you skate down the pipe.

Learn the ropes...

Play Skate Grind
Skate Grind
Collect gold coins for points as you glide your skateboard while avoiding cones and...
Play Crazy Skateboard
Crazy Skateboard
A cartoon style skate game that will have you bashing the keyboard as fast as you...
Play Skateboarding Santa
Skateboarding Santa
Santa Claus and Skateboarding some together in this strange sports game. Skate down...
Play Skateboarding Bear
Skateboarding Bear
This is a foreign skateboarding game but you can still get the idea. The bear skates...
Play Madness Skateboarding
Madness Skateboarding
This is a strange skateboarding game but we were running short of games so added it...
Play Street Skater
Street Skater
A silly looking skateboarding game, see if you can pull some tricks on the street....
Play Penguin Skate
Penguin Skate
Technically this penguin is snowboarding but we added the game anyway.
Play Barts Naked Skate
Barts Naked Skate
Bart Simpson is skating down the street naked and being chased by the cops. Avoid... is the home of Skateboarding Games.

Skateboarding Games
Friday 19th of April 2019